Construction for St Mary's began in 1876, for the growing German population of Muscatine.
Completed in 1877, the first mass was held two years later, by Rev John Grieser.  The church built a school and acquired its Pfeiffer Organ under his guidance.

Parishioner Coletta Logel, 81, was heartbroken hearing the news pf her church's pending demolition.  "That;s the only church I've ever known." She said.  She began attending St Mary's as a child in 1940 with her family.  Logel recalled, her voice impassioned with emotion, "I know it's just a building, but it contains memories."  At sixteen, she wed Pete Logel in St Mary's church.  It was the start of a marage lasting 60 years, until Pete's death. All five children were baptized at St Mary's and a couple of them were married there as well. Mass was held for Pete at St Mary's in 2006.
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Coletta's friend Maryann Hines was baptized at St Mary's in 1933.  St Mary's was her church from birth. "I'd still go there if they'd leave us." she said.  She recalls a time when there were 600 families in the church.  She, too, has memories of her children's weddings in the church. There was a nuptial mass held for her and her husband Carl after they wed on an Army base in Georgia.  Maryann's mother had a fondness for it.  "She loved the church.  She loved everything about it."  She kept saying, "You can't find nothing wrong with it." Maryann said and added with a laugh, "Boy, we got tired of that!"

"St Mary's was much like a loved one itself." said Rev Jason Crossen, now pastor at Ss Mary & Mathias in Muscatine.  A number of statues dating back to St Mary's construction are preserved at St Mathias as are the stations fo the cross and the relief of Rev of Rev Grieser.  The three large church bells that chimed over Muscatine for more than a century, have found a new home at St Joseph's church in Blende Colorado near Pueblo.  The Pfeiffer pipe organ sings again at St Patric's church in Lincoln Nebraska.  "The process in death and resurrection." said Rev Crossen, who spoke of the spirit of the church's survival in addition to the survival of St mary's material aspects.  "St Mary's will no longer be as she once was, but somehow some way the mission of St Mary's will continue to exist..."